Sunapee – Aug 2-10, 2008

It’s that time of year again! The annual League of NH Craftsmen’s fair will be held this year August 2–10. This is the 75th year of the fair.

Mike Noel and John Faro would like to thank all of the volunteers that have jumped at the chance to volunteer for this event so early. As of May 9 our schedule is almost full. We are still looking for a few volunteers to help out. We have been issued a cut off date of June 20th. After this date we can not submit any new names for the event and will not get passes to get into the fair for names submitted late. So if you would like to help out, just send one of us an email or call us.

The event as a whole is very important to the Guild as all of the money raised in the raffle is used to fund the scholarship program. This year and in the years past, those that received scholarships have volunteered as a way to give back to the Guild. This is their way to thank the Guild for giving the gift of furthering their woodworking skills or craft. If you would like to give a donated item for the Guild raffle that you have made, please contact us so that we may arrange to have the item picked up.

The League provides us with the tent in a great location near the entrance to the fair. We set up tables at one end of the tent showcasing the prizes for the raffle. These raffle items are made by Guild members and donated so that we can raise funds for the scholarship program. Guild representatives sell tickets for the items and answer questions from the public about the Guild, its programs and how to join the Guild.

The middle of the tent will be used for wood carving, furnituremaking and new to this year, members from the luthier subgroup will be displaying instruments they have built and demonstrating techniques used in their craft. The right side of the tent will be the woodturners. Here we will have three to four lathes with demonstrators showcasing their craft.

The tent will be buzzing this year with more activity than ever. If you are as excited as I am, now is the time to step up and volunteer. I think I can speak for past volunteers that you are more than likely to have a great time. We still have time slots open so if you want to spend a day or the full nine days, send John Faro or myself an email or give us a call.

Mike Noel – or 603-744-3821
John Faro – or 603-968-9800
Last update: 6/1/08