I recently started a woodturning program at Hillsboro-Deering High School where I will be teaching students and staff members basic woodturning.  The students are very excited about being able to use their hands to make something and get a break from a 60 - 77 minute academic class.  We have a lathe, some tools and a sharpening system.  However, we could certainly use more woodworking things to outfit the shop.  Hillsboro is a blue collar community with limited funds, so I am asking fellow Guild members to donate appropriate woodturning tools and supplies to the program.  Here is a list of some things we need:
  • Small Bandsaw
  • Hand tools (saws, turning chisels, etc.)
  • Measuring tools (inside and outside calipers, measuring calipers)
  • Drill sets
  • Sandpaper (All grits)
  • Finishing products (pen finish, carnauba wax, wipe-on finish, etc.)
  • Things that will fit a 1"-8, MT2 lathe
  • Anything else you think a woodturning shop should have
Please contact me at:
regarding a donation. 
Thank you very much for your support.