Selling my entire welding shop. Includes two 3 year old, portable, multi process, 110/220 welders (ESAB Rebel 215i TIG/MIG/Stick, and aluminum spool gun; and Miller Maxstar TIG/Stick). Four gas cylinders (I own them), hoses and regulators; TIG torch and all replacement parts and consumables; MIG torch with replacement parts and consumables; aluminum MIG spool gun torch. One OA torch. A complete stock of welding electrodes, bare wire (TGI) and spool wire (MIG). Three auto darkening helmets with replacement lenses.  Large quantity: short cuts of  steel, stainless steel, and some aluminum including pipe, angle, hex bar, flat bar, square tubing, plate, heavy steel bars, and round bars— all of it clean. Two BriskHeat preheat blankets with temperature control. Gas cylinder cart, welding machine cart. A large quantity of C clamps from 16” to 1”. Four electric grinders 4” with lots of replacement ceramic, flapper, cutting, sanding, and grinding wheels. Rotary file 1/4” collet size with replacement burrs. Everything is in exceptional condition, maintained, clean parts, with no more than surface dust.
Price: We will find a reasonable price you can afford. 
Everything is portable and takes a lot less room than you might expect (I work in half of a 10’X10’ shed). 

Located in Dover, NH
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