Thank you for taking an interest in my woodworking equipment and my fall project to thin out my garage.  I haven't turned anything in a few years and it seems a shame to let all of this sit.

The biggest lathe is the Nova 3000.  Discontinued now, but a real gem still.  It has an upgraded control board after a lightning strike some years ago.  The other big equipment is a bandsaw and drill press.  I also 3 smaller bench top lathes, and slow speed grinding wheel.  I have a bunch of tooling, chucks, tapered drives and live centers, mandrels, etc.  For tooling I have over 50 gouges, chisels, and skews.  I would like it all gone.  I mostly make pens and I have a pile of material and dozens of pen kits and tooling for various style kits.

I was thinking $2000 would be a good deal for all of this equipment.  Some of my finished work can be seen at


Photos of all equipment are at

Joe Jones
8 Maple Hill Rd
Lebanon, NH
(c) 603-276-9528
(h) 603-448-3805

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