GNHW Woodworking Fundamentals Group (WFG) 

October 6 and December 1, 2018 Meetings - Paneled Doors

The October WFG meeting is Part 1 of our series on making paneled doors.  The Part 1 discussion began with a demonstration on how to make the mortise and tenon door frame with grooved rails and styles.  Bob explained that when using haunched tenons, the haunch is positioned on the outside edge of each joint.  An alternative type of frame Bob discussed and demonstrated in this session, the cope and stick style, uses paired router (or shaper) bit sets. Bob explains and cautions us when using the cope and stick method, to feed the rails and styles through the router bit very slowly, and to always cut the copes first.  The final paneled door styles discussed and demonstrated in this session were flat panels and bolection panels. 

For more on these two meetings, click on the PDF file below.

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