Twenty plus members were present on Sat February 1st for Woodworking Fundamentals when Bob demonstrated two methods for the production of push sticks. Push sticks are a basic and critical satety feature in any shop. Both methods require a pattern made of quarter inch laminate and the rough stock  (3/4 inch scrap is useful). The pattern is traced out on the rough stock and a bandsaw or jigsaw used to trim to a sixteenth of an inch outside the pattern tracing. The pattern is then attatched to the stock and trimmed using a router with a bearing guided flush cutting bit. Once the stock is trimmed the pattern can be removed and reused. This is shown in the top picture. The second picture shows a shop fixture in the shape required that holds the stock, with the entire assembly then guided against a flush cutting bit, also with a bearing. This method requires either a shaper or a router table. In the first method the router is hand guided against the pattern and in the second the jig and stock are fed across the router or shaper table. The two final pictures show old push sticks and make it clear that patterns should be saved so new push sticks can be created as needed.

The next meeting on April 4th will be dedicated to methods of dust removal and filtering. We hope to see you then.


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