Guild in School (GIS) Program

You will be hearing more about this Guild program in the future. GIS is an opportunity to involve Guild members in local school woodworking programs in a variety of ways. It was the brain child of Jon Siegel and is being actively pursued by the Steering Committee as part of our Guild Directed Programs.

Here is a taste recent activity from Peter James...

A photo of Jim Forbes at the Pinkerton Work Day on October 22. Woody Magnuson, Jim Forbes and I spent the day with Steve Sackman, the shop teacher working on twelve lathes and got eleven into working condition and the 12th needed only a couple of parts from the local hardware store to be ready to be used. Woody also installed the new Wolverine sharpening system.

It was a very successful day and maybe one which can be repeated in other schools. As we have discussed, many schools have unused machines that only need minor repairs. This may be a way to get this valuable equipment back in service. Peter James

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