Stanley No. 8 Jointer Plane

Stanley No. 8 Jointer Plane, Type 5, made between 1885-1888. 
This is a BIG plane, 24" long, and very heavy, and not really something I have a use for in the shop. Bottom is smooth, not corrugated. It is in excellent shape for its age - solid tote, no cracks in the cast iron, minimal surface rust, still has almost all of its original Japaning. Someone really knew how to take care of their tools.The only flaw I can see is a hairline crack in the knob which has yet to run through completely.Lateral patent date is: Feb. 8 76. Pat. Oct. 21, 84. Chip breaker pattent date is: Dec. 24, 1867. Blade is imprinted with Stanley Rule & Level Co., identifing this as a Type 5.
This plane needs cleaning up rather than restoring, so with a little love you can have an amazing 130 year old hand tool working again in your shop. I'm asking $200, must be picked up in Concord - too complicated to ship.

Lisa Laughy


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