Tool Donations Wanted

Tool Donations Wanted

The Claremont MakerSpace (CMS) is a nonprofit coworking space and education center being developed in an 11,000 sq/ft mill in downtown Claremont, NH. The CMS is designed to provide affordable access to specialty tools, training and workspace for woodworking, machining, electronics, textiles arts and much more. The CMS is seeking donations of high-quality tools for the woodworking department – which will be used by amateur and experienced woodworkers alike. From powertools large and small, to hand and measuring/layout tools, there are many items that will help the CMS. If you have a tool that you would considering donating, or have questions about the tools needed and CMS in general, please don’t hesitate to contact the MakerSpace’s Assistant Director, Josh Bushueff.

This is a chance to get a tax writeoff on that old power tool and buy the  new one you wanted.

You can learn more about the Claremont MakerSpace at:

Contact: Info:
Josh Bushueff
(603) 504-4588.

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