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Mahogany boards from church pews

Several hundred lineal feet of 50-year-old solid mahogany, former church pews. The boards are glued up and have a finish on them. 3/4 thick and lengths from 5’ to 11’ and widths from 8” to 15”. These were seats so they have a curvature on one side that would need to be planed. Please see the cross-section picture. Asking $3.00 per lineal foot. Lengths will be rounded down to the nearest foot.

For Sale

Someone to Build Rockers

I am looking for someone who can build my rockers. I have the turnings. I just need someone to make the flat pieces and put the rocker together.

I was working with someone who is too busy now and I have an order for a rocker. He has jigs he is willing to give to whoever can do this.