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Free Wood

One lot of between 125 and 150 odd sized pieces of pine and plywood. Several shapes, sizes and thicknesses. Free to take away.
(603) 659-7474
Free Stuff

Large Oak for Lumber or Turning

We have a large red oak tree that needs to come down due to indication of root rot. it is scheduled to be taken down on October 18th. It is a beautiful tree and we are heartbroken that it needs to come down and would love to see its wood "live" on in someone's home as furniture or art rather than it being chopped & chipped to bits. The circumference of the tree is 13 feet.

Free Stuff

Free Radial Arm Saw

This Dewalt 8" model 710 is free to a good home. It needs a new table but other than that it appears to be complete. It is located in Epsom, NH about 20 minutes south of Concord. While the saw is free, a donation to their favorite charity is recommended.

Free Stuff

Victorian Gingerbread Repair Needed

Deb Ballok, 67 5th Street, Dover NH (603-566-7091) wishes to hire a finish woodworker to repair and replace broken gingerbread trim on several condo units in north central Dover. She thinks that both scroll saw and lathe work will be necessary as well as the ability to climb a ladder(s).  The gingerbread trim was hit by a falling tree and pieces are now missing.

Guild News

Wood for Project Wanted

I am looking for a source for wood for a project - 6" x 6" that is 18" to 24" in length. It needs to be dry, free of checks, clear of knots, and not the center of the tree. I am looking for wood that will resist rot and the elements as the finished project will be outdoors and in all weather. My thoughts are: Alaskan yellow cedar, western red cedar, mahogany, Spanish cedar.