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Discounted Taunton Magazine Subscriptions
DEADLINE February 16, 2019, at the Guild General Meeting

We’re now taking orders for Taunton magazines at special group rates. These rates represent a 20% discount off the regular subscription prices and are applicable to both new and renewal subscriptions on any magazine that Taunton... read more

In the interest of starting the new Year off right I have pulled the files used in the creation of our knife box project into a single mailing. I had to reduce their sizes with Acrobat Pro for them to mailable. Also some members don’t have high speed internet so the smaller size works for them. Some of the documents were poor to start with... read more

October 6 and December 1, 2018 Meetings Recap

Both meetings were held at Bob LaCivita’s workshop in Rollinsford. The October WFG meeting began with a demonstration on how to make the mortise and tenon door frame with grooved rails and styles.  Bob explained that when using honched tenons, they would be honched on the outside edge.  An... read more

Since my dive into the PFG project of building a knife box I also have uncovered this information about the evolution and story of the knife box. I have had some good fortune of finding this information in old throw away library books by Edgar D Miller Jr , Wallace Nutting and Edgar P. Fitzgerald. Some I have purchased when rummaging in... read more

Thanks to GNHW’s generous grant of $1300 for a new Powermatic 14” bandsaw and with the... read more

The PFG subgroup met at Woodcraft, Portsmouth NH on Oct 20. We began with general questions and conversation about our federal knife box project.

Guild Grant Program Have you heard about our Guild Grant Program?

The Guild is dedicated to furthering woodworking through the sharing of knowledge, skills and experience among its members and the general public. To that end, the Guild provides grants to institutions, organizations and schools to assist them in the furtherance of... read more

Announcing the
Intermediate Woodworking Projects (IWP) Group

David Foote and Robert Wyatt are excited to announce that Owain Harris will be host/demonstrator of a new group that the Guild expects to launch sometime during Spring 2019. 

... read more

Annual League of NH Craftsmen Booth at Sunapee

This year the fair began Saturday, August 4th and ends Sunday, the 12th. For us,... read more

Information from PFG meeting Oct 20th.

There was discussion about the carcass construction of our project “knife... read more