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The Granite State Woodturners have recently entered into an agreement with the... read more

You will be hearing more about this Guild program in the future. GIS is an opportunity to involve Guild members in local... read more

Ed Orecchio has scheduled six small meetings scattered throughout October. Hand Carved Celtic Knot—Jim McLaughlin

Jim is doing a repeat of a very popular topic,He is an accomplished carver with pieces of beauty that will astound you. Jim can accomodate 8 people.

When—01 Oct 2016
9:00... read more

It’s the tenth anniversary Old Ways Days! Sat. & Sun. October 15 & 16.  And to celebrate we’re bringing back some of... read more

21 Reasons Why School Wood Shops are Important in the 21st Century

Doug Stowe (Wisdom of the, Leroy Noyes, and Jack Grube (Pinkerton Academy and Founder of NEAWT - New England Association of Woodworking Teachers) developed the following list for NEAWT teachers in 2003.  

A quality woodworking program provides... read more

If you have attended either of the last two GSWT meetings you have heard me talk about Manchester Makerspace and the... read more

September is our Annual meeting with elections of Officers. Submitted and approved were;

President - Claude Dupuis

Vice President - Eric Swindell

Treasure - Jim Forbes

Secretary - Tim Elliott

After the Business meeting and general announcements Jon Siegel proceeded with a history lesson on pool... read more

Register Now for the Annual Guild Meeting—Sept. 24, 2016.

Our 2016... read more

Some photos from this year's Guild booth

To The membership,
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The Period Furniture Group will undertake construction of a candle stand this fall. This unique project has elements we... read more