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oldSawThe Old Saw goes back to 1991 with Jon Siegel as its first editor. The content grew over the years to include feature woodworking articles.

By 2008, these woodworking articles consumed a full two-thirds of our printed 180 page content each year. We made a decision to split our single publication in two—The Journal (magazine) and The Old Saw (newsletter).

Over time, publishing became less frequent as digital communication (a weekly newsletter called TouchUps) took over. In 2015, The Old Saw was repurposed to primarily cover Guild business. Those individual articles  are preserved here. The editor was Alan Saffron.

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How I Bumped into Donald Hall

Article No. 26
July, 2018
by Jon Siegel

We observe with sadness the passing of poet Donald Hall. He was the Poet Laureate of the State of New Hampshire, and later the Poet Laureate of the United States.

Website Development Fund

Article No. 25
December, 2016
by Jim Seroskie & Bob Wyatt

The Guild has stepped up its efforts to address an important upgrade to its websites over this past year. So far, the major upgrade has focused on addressing the many issues with our current membership site and merging the two websites under…

Sunapee 2016

Article No. 24
October, 2016
by Al Hansen

Once again the first Saturday in August was the opening of the League of NH Craftsmen’s Fair at Mount Sunapee Resort in Newbury. This was their 82nd annual fair. The Guild of NH Woodworkers was there in our tent we had setup on Friday...

Bingham Lumber—Guild Summer Trip

Article No. 23
September, 2016
by Bob Wyatt

As our members began to arrive for the tour, the Bingham staff welcomed us with coffee, fresh baked muffins and other baked treats (all prepared by Bingham staff). Once we had all arrived and assembled in the showroom, Tom Bingham, company…

Guild Day at Woodcraft

Article No. 22
June, 2016
by Tony Immorlica

Every year on the 2nd Saturday in June, the Woodcraft Store in Newington, NH, sponsors Guild of NH Woodworkers Demo Day, where we have an opportunity to demonstrate our skills and recruit new members.  This year, our demos were spearheaded by…

The Old Saw Evolves

Article No. 21
May, 2016
by Jim Seroskie

The Old Saw has been the Guild’s newsletter almost since the founding of the organization. The first newsletter was published in August, 1990. By the spring of 1991, the “Communication” letter was re-branded as “The Old Saw” with Jon Siegel as…

The Journal, Old Saw & Our Digital Age

Article No. 20
May, 2016
by Jim Seroskie

Our major operational expenditure for the past seven years has been our Guild magazine—The Journal. Journal costs have been remarkedly stable—$15K per year or roughly three quarters of our annual membership dues. We have done well to contain…

Guild Bylaws Vote at April 23 General Meeting

Article No. 19
April, 2016
by Jim Seroskie

A vote on bylaw changes to permit a redefinition of the Guild scholarship and grants programs will be held at the next General meeting (April 23, 2016). Changes are confined to Article VII & Article VIII and can be found below. If approved…

President’s Message by Michael DiMaggio

Article No. 12
December, 2015
by Mike DiMaggio

As my tenure as your new president begins, I want to thank the membership for their encouragement and support as I assume my new responsibilities. Although relatively new to the Guild, I hope to bring a great deal of enthusiasm and creative…

Membership Cards

Article No. 15
December, 2015
by Jim Seroskie

When you renew your membership, you will receive one of the new cards along with a confirmation letter. It is colorful and durable. We hope you like it. These cards are processed in batches and mailed for us by a company in Minnesota. We pay a…

Mascoma Valley Woodworking Grant

Article No. 18
December, 2015
by Al Saffron

Mascoma Valley Regional High School in Canaan, NH is undergoing a large expansion and renovation project. Part of the project, a reconfiguration of the school’s entryway and waiting area, has presented an opportunity for some students to make a…

Sunapee 2015

Article No. 13
December, 2015
by Al Hansen

Once again a group of Guild volunteers donated their work and their time to make our annual participation at the League of NH Craftsmen’s Fair a huge success. For the second year in a row we sold over $13,000 in raffle tickets!

The Secret of Our Success

Article No. 16
December, 2015
by Peter Breu

From the very first meeting of the Guild that I attended some 20+ years ago in Mike Fonner’s basement shop, it was clear to me that this organization relied upon volunteers and the spirit of volunteerism. All too soon I volunteered to organize…


Article No. 14
December, 2015
by Al Saffron

The Guild of New Hampshire Woodworkers has promoted woodworking now for 25 years. Over this time numerous people have contributed to the organization, many without picking up a piece of wood. It is not possible to identify everyone, but all…

Guild ROI

Article No. 17
December, 2015
by Al Saffron

By now you know the Guild has a new membership card. Its a real card with fancy graphics and laminations. Oh boy! The truth is the additional cost is minimal, and the vendor’s service is a blessing for our membership chair. But, have you ever…

Subgroups & the Guild

Article No. 9
August, 2015
by Al Saffron

Twenty five years ago the Guild was started by a small group of woodworkers demonstrating skills, primarily in furniture making. Most importantly, the group established a philosophy in sharing knowledge, skills, and experience for the benefit…

President’s Message by Claude Dupuis

Article No. 7
August, 2015
by Claude Dupuis

This is my last President’s message so I would like to explore some thoughts about what makes our organization great. We, the Guild, could not afford to do what we do if we had to pay all the positions that it takes to function throughout the…

Honorary Membership Policy

Article No. 10
August, 2015
by Al Saffron

In it’s twenty five years, there have been a number of people who have given many hours and much of their talent to the Guild. The Steering Committee (SC) has recognized individuals for their generous contributions with Membership Appreciation…

Digital Infrastructure

Article No. 8
August, 2015
by Jim Seroskie

There was a time when Guild operations depended on The Old Saw, a database and the occasional postcard. The newsletter was our “GoTo” means of communicating with the membership. Sending out postcards were a backup to the newsletter and a…

Woodturning Symposium

Article No. 11
August, 2015
by Roger Myers

The 8th New England Woodturning Symposium on May 9, 2015 at Pinkerton Academy was a huge hit with tremendous demonstrations by 28 hugely talented turners showing their skills to a packed house of 313 registered attendees. With a dedicated team…

Evolution of The Journal

Article No. 6
April, 2015
by Jim Seroskie

It may seem odd to begin an article about  The Journal by writing about The Old Saw. But there is a deep connection and history. The Old Saw goes back to 1991 with Jon Siegel as its first editor. The content grew over the years to include…

President's Message—A New Old Saw

Article No. 1
April, 2015
by Claude Dupuis

I regret to report that Roger Myers has resigned as editor of The Old Saw and from the Steering Committee—see page 3 for more of my thoughts on Roger. With his departure, the Steering Committee was forced to consider the mission and relevance…

Budget Review—2015

Article No. 4
April, 2015
by Al Saffron

The Guild’s mission is “to bring together the diverse interests of the New Hampshire woodworking community” to share their common interest in woodworking, and “is dedicated to furthering woodworking through the sharing of knowledge, skills and…

A New Mission

Article No. 2
April, 2015
by Al Saffron

Did you know the Guild of New Hampshire Woodworkers has approximately 550 paying members? Its no surprise if you didn’t. The Guild’s Steering Committee (SC) is aware that most people have no idea of the size of our organization. While…

Thetford Academy Grant

Article No. 5
April, 2015
by Al Saffron

The Guild supports the growth of woodworking with grants to students and schools, as well as the programs members are familiar with. At it’s January meeting, after what the meeting minutes described as significant discussion, the Steering…

Roger Myers

Article No. 3
April, 2015
by Claude Dupuis

The Guild, it’s participants, members and volunteers are always on the move and changing. Roger Myers resigned his seat on the Steering Committee and as editor of The Old Saw due to conflicting schedules and new endeavors with his woodworking…