Other News & Events

The 12th Old Ways Days will be October 20 & 21 at Dave and Anne Emerson’s Old Ways Traditions, 418 Shaker Road, Canterbury... read more

The Lidded Bowl and Box Project was invited to attend the CHaD Summer Block Party for kids and families currently admitted to... read more

The first of many GSWT meetings at the MakerSpace in Manchester NH.

    We kicked off the meeting with an introduction to the MakerSpace and how we, The GSWT might use it. The idea was tossed around about having more then 6 meeting a year and that we could meet weekly or at lease monthly to make better us of the space. 

   ... read more

It’s the tenth anniversary Old Ways Days! Sat. & Sun. October 15 & 16.  And to celebrate we’re bringing back some of... read more

If you have attended either of the last two GSWT meetings you have heard me talk about Manchester Makerspace and the... read more

Live woodworking demos, live music, food and tool yard sale at open house.

... read more

Furniture Masters Schedule--2016

NH Funiture Masters Website

Pease Tradeport
Furniture After Hours
Thursday, May 19, 4... read more

Old Ways Days

Oct. 18 & 19 10:00 to 4:00

At the ninth annual Old Ways Days, October... read more

The New Hampshire Furniture Masters—
The Gallery at Somes Sound... read more

Turning Around America:
On the Road with... read more