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Q&A was a feature which ran in The Old Saw newsletter and has been continued in The Journal. Questions from members are sent to a panel of experienced woodworkers. The "experts" do not always agree but you will find this collection to be a wonderful resource.

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Jeff Lind, Burt Ouellette, Garrett Hack

What are the ways to use Super Glue in the shop? I’m interested in different viscosities and results with accelerators, etc. for various applications.—William Taylor

Garrett Hack, Jon Siegel, Jeff Roberts

Why do the manufacturing companies always recommend using a chuck in compression rather than expansion? What is the difference and why is expansion considered more dangerous?—Annamarie Pennucci

Donna Banfield

When using Easy Wood or similar lathe tools on the inside of bowls, horrible and severe catches can occur when the tool handle is rotated from flat to any angle. Why does this happen when the actual cutting surface will be at the identical angle of cut?—Annamarie Pennucci

Steve Costain, Jon Siegel

What is the best way to add dust collection for a lathe? The chips seem to go everywhere but land mostly in front of the lathe.—Joyce Hanna

Garrett Hack

How can a plane blade be re-ground to develop a York Pitch (50°)—Mike DiMaggio?

Donna Banfield, Claude Dupuis

I turn mostly bowls at a relatively high speed and I keep my tools sharp. Even so, I get too much end grain tear out. What can I do about this?—Tom Donnelly

Garrett Hack, Bruce Wedlock

What is the difference between O1 and A2 steel?—Mike DiMaggio

Steve Costain, Bruce Hamilton

What is the best way to finish turning projects while still on the lathe?—Ed Bartlett

Garrett Hack

Can you provide some suggestions for homemade finishes utilizing oil and wax?—Mike DiMaggio

Donna Banfield, Dave Emerson

Please outline the process to season green wood for turning or furniture making.—David Witham

Joe Barry

What is the most stable species of wood to be used in a humid environment?—Mike DiMaggio

Bruce Wedlock, Claude Dupuis, Donna Banfield

In making large diameter lidded boxes, I try to keep the kerf as narrow as possible. However I frequently get burning on the sides of the narrow blade cutoff tool. How can this be avoided?—Jim Forbes

Donna Banfield, Claude Dupuis

What is the best way to add dust collection for a lathe? The chips seem to go everywhere, but land mostly in front of the lathe.—Joyce Hanna

Bruce Wedlock, Donna Banfield

When I color a piece with aniline dye and finish with lacquer, the Beall buffing system attacks the color and removes it. How can I prevent this?—Gary Bashian

Donna Banfield, Claude Dupuis, Peter Breu

What is a good (reliable) method to prepare green wood for turning? I’ve had limited success with just painting the end grain of logs.—Tony Immorlica

Bruce Wedlock, Jon Siegel, Donna Banfield, Claude Dupuis

Should a burr be left on when sharpening a bowl gouge?—Norman Miner

Bob Couch, Bruce Wedlock, Peter Breu, Joe Barry, Tom McLaughlin

What is the recommended method to apply a finish on a cherry table?—Jorge Torres

Claude Dupuis

What is the best way to finish turning projects while still on the lathe?—Ed Bartlett

Jon Siegel, Peter Breu

How do you square up and maintain the accuracy of a power jointer?—Kit Gurwell

Jon Siegel, Peter James, Garrett Hack

I don’t have any wall space left in my shop to hang my bandsaw blades, which are 150" long (for 18" wheels). The manufacturers do not advise any more than three loops, and anything other than a nice round shape for storing. They would prefer you open the blade fully up and hang it on the wall. I am looking for some innovative ways of storing... read more

Garrett Hack

How long can I store shellac flakes in an air tight container before they go bad?—Sal Morgani

Bruce Hamilton, Richard Oedel

I hear that the color in lilac will not last long. What type of finish do you use to protect highly colored wood?—Syd Lorandeau

Garrett Hack

Christopher Schwartz says that the iron of the Stanley (fore plane I think) should take a thick shaving when hogging off waste with an 8" radius iron. I think that both the Stanley and the Bedrock 605, which I have should adjust the same. The mouth should be adjusted for a large opening. Even with the frog all the way back in my plane I can’t... read more

Bob LaCivita

I do not have a garage, so I would like to build a spray booth in my basement large enough to accommodate pieces of furniture that I build. Does anyone have experience building a basement spray booth and do you know of construction plans? Also, can you recommend a source for the explosion proof fan I will need?—Gregg Pollack

Terry Moore

Can you sharpen a bandsaw blade by hand and if so, how?—Anon

Richard Oedel, Bruce Wedlock, Bob Oswald, Bob LaCivita, Bruce Hamilton

When I apply a polyurethane top coat to a project, I always get brush streaks even when I use a foam brush and when I thin the material. It helps when I rag the wet finish but I’m just wiping off material I just put on. The only solution I have found is to wet sand after dry. What am I doing wrong?—Jim Seroskie

Claude Dupuis, Peter James

Bowls can be turned from a round log cut to length or from a log split down the middle. What are the advantages or issues with each approach.—Anon

Bruce Hamilton, Bob Oswald, Donna Banfield

Turners on the Seacoast are turning cane shafts for disabled veterans in coordination with local carvers. What would you recommend for finishes? The canes, and cane shafts in particular, need to be weather resistant and likely exposed to a full range of precipitation?—Annamarie Pennucci

Jon Siegel, Dave Emerson, Peter James, Claude Dupuis

What features should I look for in purchasing a quality mid-sized lathe? The lathe is to be used for both spindle and bowl turning.—Anon

Dave Emerson, Owain Harris

What woods are best for bending?—Anon