I have a 14" Jet bandsaw with a slowly dying motor (I need to give it a spin to get it to turn on). Can I replace it with a higher horsepower motor? What’s the limit on h.p. for an existing tool? How do I “spec” the motor if I buy it from a catalog?—Anon

Bob Couch replies: My first question would be, do you have the riser block on the Jet 14"? If so, you could upgrade to a 1.5 hp motor. Otherwise, I would stick with the same horse power. I have a Jet 14" without the riser block and the 1 hp works just fine.

As far as the replacement goes, I would search online. Granger is one good source. You would be looking for a 1 hp induction motor and you need to make sure you match are the following specs—110 volt or 110/220 volt single phase, frame spec. (mounting bracket) 56C is common, enclosed case is a nice to have as there is less danger of a spark starting a fire.