big last mclaughlin meeting
Tom McLaughlin & final BIG session at his shop—June, 2012

Aside from the regular Guild meetings, members are welcome to become part of the various subgroups (special interest groups). Each holds its own series of meetings per year on topics of interest to its members.

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Period Furniture Group Plans—April 2020

The PFG subgroup is looking into doing virtual GoToMeeting learning presentations for our subgroup members. It is unfortunate for some and an opportunity for others that this has to be done. There are some real advantages to doing this. However the content of our sessions is very much about the "details" of a process and some of this content will be lost in the internet bandwidth.

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Woodworking Fundamentals Shop Fixtures and Jigs February

Twenty plus members were present on Sat February 1st for Woodworking Fundamentals when Bob demonstrated two methods for the production of push sticks. Push sticks are a basic and critical satety feature in any shop. Both methods require a pattern made of quarter inch laminate and the rough stock  (3/4 inch scrap is useful).

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