big last mclaughlin meeting
Tom McLaughlin & final BIG session at his shop—June, 2012

Aside from the regular Guild meetings, members are welcome to become part of the various subgroups (special interest groups). Each holds its own series of meetings per year on topics of interest to its members.

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GSWT 11/26/11 Meeting

Installing a VFD. This month’s meeting was at Peter James house.

The meeting started with a show and tell as will be the case with all future meetings. Several members brought a piece to show and discuss how it was made and asked questions as to how it could be done differently.

Granite State Woodturners

Beauty — What Is It?

At our Dec 4, 2011 Right Brain Woodworking meeting we will continue our discussion of beauty. In particular, we will look at and discuss photos of woodworking pieces that individual members feel are either beautiful or ugly. By doing so, we hope to better understand our own aesthetic sensibilities.
Below are photos for discussion.


Right Brain Woodworking (Inactive)

GSWT 3/25/11 meeting at Scott's Shop in Canterbury NH

GSWT 3/25/11 meeting at Scott Russwick’s shop
Meeting was held at Scott Ruesswick’s shop in Canterbury NH.

Attendance was 46 counting those who signed in. My guess is that it was closer to 60. Great turnout. Many thanks to Scott and Barbra for hosting the meeting and the use of their shop. If that weren’t enough Scott also provided a demo.

Granite State Woodturners