big last mclaughlin meeting
Tom McLaughlin & final BIG session at his shop—June, 2012

Aside from the regular Guild meetings, members are welcome to become part of the various subgroups (special interest groups). Each holds its own series of meetings per year on topics of interest to its members.

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Egg on your face

That is, egg on the face of the wood…

A recent discussion on the groups yahoo site was discussing methods on filling the grain in open grained woods prior to finishing.  John Whiteside whose interests include making guitars as well as period furniture offers this interesting method which he shares with us…

From John’s posting:

Period Furniture Group

Report from Colonial Williamsburg

Once again hundreds of period furniture enthusiasts descended on Colonial Williamsburg in January.  An annual pilgrimage for many, Working Wood in the 18th Century was c0-sponsored this year by Colonial Williamsburg; Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello; and Fine Woodworking.  This years program focused on the architectural woodworking and the furniture associated with Thomas Jefferson and Monticello.

Period Furniture Group

Tell Old Bill Arrangements


I would like very much if at our meetings, in addition to discussing building stringed instruments, we would also spend some time playing them!

Here is a song for us to try. The traditional folk song “Tell Ol’ Bill” has been given a charming new treatment by Eric Bibb. 

Granite State Luthiers

18th Century Hand Tools

Your Guild Hand Tool Sub-group correspondent is on the road in Williamsburg Va for the annual conference “Working Wood in the 18th Century”.  As a hand tool enthusiast, Colonial Williamsburg should be on your list of places to visit.

Hand Tools & Carving

Differences – Left Brain & Right Brain Woodworking

Left brain woodworking uses logical planning, analysis, and precise tightly controlled execution to create fine woodwork.

This group is chartered to explore the right brain approach to woodworking which uses a focus on aesthetics, feeling and creativity to create fine woodwork.

Monica Raymond
March 11, 2010 | 2:53 pm

Right Brain Woodworking (Inactive)

A Balancing Act

Response to A Balancing Act: Earning a Living vs. Finding Joy Through Woodworking

George Saridakis
January 16, 2010 | 11:32 am

I suspect that it is very difficult to find joy through woodworking while earning a living at it. I think product design is key to doing both successfully.

Right Brain Woodworking (Inactive)

What Moves You?

In this section you are encouraged to post very brief comments about woodworking-related things that move you. Something that – when you experience it – entrances you so deeply that time stops while you immerse yourself fully in the mystery and joy of it.

Response to What Moves You?

John Whiteside
March 14, 2010 | 12:50 am

Right Brain Woodworking (Inactive)