Alan Lacer
The Skew Chisel: Wicked Tool, Wicked Good

This is a little different from what you might have seen in one of Alan’s skew sessions.  Here he will go over the issues of shaping and sharpening, but move quickly to discuss the problems during specific cuts. This will include runbacks, dig-ins, spiraling, chipped grain, uneven cutting and more fun stuff.

Alan Lacer has been involved in the turning field for more than forty years as a turner, teacher, writer, exhibition coordinator, demonstrator and past president of the American Association of Woodturners. His work has appeared in a number of regional and national shows and exhibitions. As a demonstrator and instructor, he has appeared in all 50 states and five foreign countries. His writings (over 150 published articles, tips or columns) have covered technical aspects of woodturning, finishing, numerous specific projects, stories related to the history of woodturning and the turning traditions of Japan and Germany. He has also produced five videos on his own, with three of them winning a total of five national awards. In 1999, the American Association of Woodturners selected him as their Lifetime Honorary Member Award for his contributions to the field. He was a regular writer for “American Woodworker”  for over fifteen years.  He has also appeared nationally on the DIY and PBS networks.