Charlie Sheaff
Hollowing Vessels with the Assistance of a Camera

In this session, we will create a hollow vessel with the assistance of a camera during the hollowing process. The camera will allow us to “see” inside the vessel, and be able to turn to a very consistent wall thickness. The interior surface will be quite smooth and easily sanded.

Starting with a piece of green log, we will shape and rough sand the exterior, taking time to consider various mounting techniques, as well as vessel design. This is a very important part of creating a vessel because regardless of how it is hollowed, the outside is what people see!

To hollow the vessel, we will focus a camera on the tool which will allow us to “see” the inside of the vessel which greatly simplifies the hollowing process. This development in “technology” has been a real “game-changer” for hollowing vessels. 

Charlie Sheaff has been turning wood for more than 35 years. He recently retired from teaching the woodworking classes at Keene State College, where woodturning is a significant part of the woodworking curriculum. Charlie is still involved in teaching woodturning, offering weekend classes through Continuing Education at the college. Much of his time now is involved in production woodturning, predominately stair parts and other architectural elements.

Charlie considers himself a “generalist” turner, in that he has no one signature piece, but rather is intrigued with trying new and different techniques that he can share with the students in his classes and other woodturners. He is a juried member of the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen, and a member of the Guild of New Hampshire Woodworkers. Charlie is president of the Monadnock Woodturners in Keene,NH.