JoHannes Michelsen
Ginger Vase

My Ginger Vase is a shape much like a Ginger Jar but with a neck and no lid.

In the demo I will turn a medium sized version. Using only a 1/2” gouge to shape and for hollowing. Turning to a thickness of about 3/32” so the wet wood can survive the drying process with out problems.

I will use many of the same fixtures and techniques as I do in hat turning. The wood jawed lit inside rechucking to finish the hollowing of the foot and also some encouraging of the distorting that will come with the drying of the wet finish turned piece.

JoHannes first turned wood as a child of 10 and continued throughout his life on an occasional basis. In 1977 he began to pursue the turned vessel as an art form. His efforts were simple one-piece footed and natural-edged bowls of burl or spalted wood of local origin. His work progressed from these simple one-piece turnings into more complicated vases constructed of many elements with a variety of finishes.

In 1991 JoHannes returned to one-piece turnings. Only then they were not simple bowls, but hats. Hats that are not only sculptural, but hats that can be custom fitted, and when they are, they are extremely comfortable and wearable. Weighing, depending upon size, between 6 and 9 ounces. No more than common hats. Due to their unique magnetism, they are being sought by collectors and non collectors alike.