Jon Siegel
Spindle Turning Basics

Starting with fundamental concepts of cutting and scraping across the grain, Jon will explain how to apply the chisel to execute a shear cut and obtain the best possible finish that requires little or no sanding. Jon will list the five chisels required for basic spindle turning; describe their geometry; and demonstrate how to maintain a sharp edge. After an explanation of lathe centers and mounting the work, he will discuss the basic exercises and demonstrate the most efficient way to practice. Jon will explain each exercise in detail, including: hand position, chisel position, and movement of the body during the cut. Finally he will demonstrate how the basic shapes covered by the exercises are combined into well-designed spindle turnings.

Jon Siegel has been turning for over 55 years. His specialty is spindle turning for furniture and architectural applications. He is a former member of the NH Furniture Masters Association; former president of the Granite State Woodturners; and former president of the Guild of NH Woodworkers, which he helped found in 1990. Jon has been a demonstrator at several AAW symposia, and frequently demonstrates at local woodturning chapters. He is well known for his many articles on woodturning that have appeared in magazines and on the web.

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