Ken Lindgren
Working with Distressed Wood

Distressed wood is an alternative material and artistic choice. Mental and technical adjustments are needed to be safe and successful.  Perhaps a better name for the raw material is aerated cellulose, which better conveys its fragile nature. Turning and finishing is both a technical and artistic challenge, often requiring 3 - 5 times more time to complete a piece. You will need to remember and use almost everything you’ve ever learned in your woodworking career.

Attendees will learn about selecting a blank, understanding new and unique mechanical properties, mounting the blank, special turning and safety requirements, artistic considerations, sanding & finishing.

With extraordinary patience, skill and time, completed art can be well worth the effort.

Ken Lindgren has been a professional, full-time woodturner for 14 years, a woodturner for 24 years, and a woodworker for more than 65 years.  As the son of a lifetime artist, he gravitates towards the artistic side of wood turning.  Distressed wood, color, abstract forms, burning, texturing, knots, cracks, voids, insect holes, are all used in a multitude of ways to create his work.  He’s taken formal classes from Betty Scarpino, the late Binh Pho, Michael Hosaluk, Jacques Vesary and attended numerous symposiums on national and local levels.  He also teaches turning at several different venues in Massachusetts, his home state.

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