Lyle Jamieson
Demo 1—Hollow Form Basics
Demo 2—Thin Walled Goblet

Demo 1
Hollow Form Basics.  Lyle will concentrate on foundation elements of hollowing, chucking methods, tool control,  boring bar use, and laser measuring techniques.

Demo 2
Thin Walled Goblet
.  Lyle will turn a 1/16" wall thickness goblet with focus on design, grain orientation, vibration issues, and using a bowl gouge for spindle work.

Lyle’s trademark is hollow forms.  His primary influence came from exploring non-functional turning.  He is the inventor/creator of the Jamieson Hollow Form Turning System for safer, in-control hollowing that is fun too.  The system creates a rest behind the main tool rest which simplifies the hollowing process.  A turner can stand beside the lathe and gently guide the cutter into the vessel with fingertip control.  One advantage is the use of a laser beam measuring devise to accurately measure wall thickness of hollow forms.  This makes hollowing fun and easy, no need to work hard anymore.