Marcel Durette
The Bowl Gouge: Who's the Boss?

Comparing different grinds and types of bowl gouges and their advantages and drawbacks. 

Marcel Durette's woodworking interests became a passion for wood turning after meeting Andy Motter and Mark Lindquist in 1995. Subsequent exposure to the craft via demos, classes and large symposiums by some of the bigger names in woodturning at the time shaped his technical ability and artistic vision.

Many hundreds of hours spent at the lathe brought all of the learning to bear and his skill developed.  He began to demonstrate at many of the venues afforded him locally such as the Big E, Sunapee, Wood Days.  He has demoed for many local groups as well as the ATBQ (The Quebec Woodturners), and Magma Open Doors in Austria. He has been teaching the craft at the Homestead Woodworking School in Newmarket NH since 2007. 

His easy going style and patient manner makes him approachable and encouraging.