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Ninth New England Woodturning Symposium—Updated 5/6/2018


Slot 1—9:00 - 10:15

Slot 2—10:45 - 12:00


Slot 3—1:00 - 2:30

Slot 4—3:00 - 4:30

Room 5-112

Ron Pouliot

Derek Weidman


Derek Weidman

Peter Bloch

Low Building

Using the OneWay

Bowl Coring System

Animal Figures—Part 1

Animal Figures—Part 2

Making Translucent

Wood Lampshades


Room 5-109

Nick Rosato

Jim Kephart


Janet Collins

Charlie Sheaff

Low Building

Carving Crotchwood

Duplicating Spindle

Turnings by Hand

Inlay Techniques

for Woodturners

Hollowing Vessels with the Assistance of a Camera


Room 5-113

Jon Siegel

Claude Dupuis


Keith Tompkins

Alan Lacer

Low Building

Spindle Turning Basics

Segmented Basics

The Art of the Finial

The Skew Chisel: Wicked Tool, Wicked Good


Room 5-101

Steven Reznek

Earle Rich



Marcel Durette

Low Building

A Different Way of Segmenting—Inlays Instead of Rings

Dry a Once Turned Bowl in 20min. Using a Vacuum/Micro


The Bowl Gouge:

Who's the Boss?


Room 4-101

Mike Souter

John Drost


Rick Angus

JoHannes Michelsen

Annex Building

Goblets Two

Different Ways

Turning Round Bottoms

& the Calabash Form

Twice Turned Bowls

Ginger Vase


Room 4-102

Lyle Jamieson

Michael Foster


Lyle Jamieson

Ken Lindgren

Annex Building

Demo 1

Hollow Form Basics

Turn a Sphere—Then Turn it into an Octahedron

Demo 2

Thin Walled Goblet

Working with

Distressed Wood


ROTC - 59

Eric Holmquist

Donna Zils Banfield


Richard Batchelder


Shepard Building

Introduction to Piercing and Airbrushing

Patterns, Texture & Color

Restoration Turnings