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The topics covered over the years are many and hosted by some of the best and most talented woodworkers.

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This is a curated selection of YouTube and other videos. Some are by individuals and others are a sampling from a wide variety of organizations.

There are over thirty topics cataloged here..something for everyone.

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Title Presenter Event Topics
Jon Brooks Retrospective
Jon Brooks General Meeting Retrospective, Design
Understanding Wood
Dr. Bruce Hoadley Wood Symposium 1999 Wood
Musical Instrument Day
Grant Taylor General Meeting Musical Instruments
Is There Any Wood in NH Forests?
Ethan Howard Wood Symposium 1999 Wood
Harvesting, Sawing and Drying Native Wood
Garrett Hack General Meeting Wood
Title Presenter Event Topics
Intro to Carving Tools and Sharpening
Greg Plum Carving Symposium 1998 Carving, Sharpening
Celtic Knot Carving
Grant Taylor Carving Symposium 1998 Carving
Carving Volutes
Bill Thomas Carving Symposium 1998 Carving
Retrospective—David Lamb
David Lamb General Meeting Retrospective
Dust Collection Day
Dennis Swarda General Meeting Dust Collection
Advanced Sharpening for Woodcarving
Greg Plum Carving Symposium 1998 Carving, Sharpening
Figure Carving
Dave Dupouy Carving Symposium 1998 Carving
Kitchen Cabinetry
Bruce Sanborn General Meeting Furniture, Design, Kitchen
Carving Transitions and Focal Points
David Lamb Carving Symposium 1998 Carving
Title Presenter Event Topics
Woodworking Injuries
Dr. Donald Eberly General Meeting Health
Hollow Vessels
Tim Elliot Turning Symposium 1997 Woodturning, Hollow Turning
Segmented Bowl Turning
Phil Bowman Turning Symposium 1997 Woodturning, Hollow Turning
Overview of Finishes and Stains
Terri Masaschi General Meeting Finishing
Hand Planes
Garrett Hack General Meeting Hand Tools, Hand Planes
Turning Composite Materials
Charlie Sheaff Turning Symposium 1997 Woodturning, Hollow Turning
Introduction to Woodturning
Jack Grube Turning Symposium 1997 Woodturning, Hollow Turning, Spindle Turning
Woodcarving Basics
Bill Thomas General Meeting Carving
NH Furniture Master's Exhibition—1997
Various NH Furniture Masters Exhibit Furniture, Exhibit
Art vs. Craft
Sam Azzara Turning Symposium 1997 Woodturning
Lectures for the NH Furniture Masters
Jere Osgood Exhibit Furniture
Control, Comfort and Safety on the Lathe
Jim Kephart Turning Symposium 1997 Woodturning
Title Presenter Event Topics
GNHW Juried Exhibitions—1994 and 1996
Terry Moore Exhibit Furniture, Exhibit
Care and Use of Old Tools
Mike Dunbar General Meeting Hand Tools
Living With Crafts Exhibition—1996
Various League of NH Craftsmen Exhibit Furniture, Exhibit
Finishing Day 1996
Ted Blachly General Meeting Finishing
Intro to Woodturning
Jon Siegel General Meeting Woodturning, Hollow Turning, Spindle Turning
Title Presenter Event Topics
Sharpening Day
Terry Moore General Meeting Sharpening
Ultralight Wooden Boat
Lou Yelgin General Meeting Boats
Title Presenter Event Topics
MultiAxis Spindle Turning
Mark Sfirri General Meeting Woodturning, Spindle Turning
Title Presenter Event Topics
Handcut Dovetails
Terry Moore General Meeting Dovetails
Using Native Wood—Panel Discussion
Dustin Coates General Meeting Wood
Displaying 200 Records
Title Presenter Organization Topics
Founders 3
Bob Couch Guild of NH Woodworkers Promo
Size of a Dado Head
George Vondriska Woodworkers Guild of America Stationary Tools
Five Cuts to a "Perfect" Cross-Cut Sled
William Ng William NG Woodworks Jigs/Fixtures
Miter Shooting Board 2
Steve Branam CloseGrain.com Jigs/Fixtures
Dressing Rough Lumber
Colin Knecht WoodWorkWeb Lumber
Rob Cosman's Dovetail Saw
Rob Cosman robcosman.com Hand Tools
Mike Whalley Bench Dedication
Jon Siegel NH House of Representatives Furniture
Jointer Safety
George Vondriska Woodworkers Guild of America Stationary Tools
Simple Hand Rub Finish
Brian Mille William NG Woodworks Finishing
Inside Lie-Nielsen Toolworks
Thomas Lie-Nielsen Lie-Nielsen Toolworks Promo
Mini Workbench Makes Detail Work Easier
Ed Pirnik FineWoodworking Benches
How to Flatten a Board
M. Scott Morton Highland Woodworking Lumber
Picture Frame & Shooting Board Miter
No Name Homestead Heritage School Hand Tools, Joinery
Sight Drill Press with Laser
George Vondriska Woodworkers Guild of America Stationary Tools, Tips/Techniques
Tips for Cutting Half Blind Dovetails Part 2
Tim Rousseau Lie-Nielsen Toolworks Joinery, Dovetails
Make a Wood Mallet
Steve Ramsey Woodworking For Mere Mortals Hand Tools, Shop
How to Clean a Router Bit
Ed Pirnik FineWoodworking Router
How to Repair Wood Cracks
George Vondriska WoodWorkers Guild Of America Wood, Tips/Techniques, Finishing
Freehand Sharpening Plane Iron
Old Tool Alf No Organization Hand Tools, Sharpening
Nakashima Woodworker
Bob Krist No Organization Promo
Beading Tool: Setup, Use and Sharpening
Thomas Lie-Nielsen Lie-Nielsen Toolworks Sharpening, Hand Tools
Turning a Three Legged Stool
Ernie Conover WoodworkersJournal Turning, Furniture
Educating Future Generation of Woodworkers
Garrett Hack ArtisanMediaLtd Interview
Quick Cabinet Drawers
Steve Johnson Highland Woodworking Furniture
Dovetail Jig Buying Advice
George Vondriska Woodworkers Guild of America Jigs/Fixtures, Joinery, Router
George Nakashima Woodworker
No Name Nakashima Studio Promo
Saws Part 3—Jointing Saws, Care & Maintenance
Thomas Lie-Nielsen Lie-Nielsen Toolworks Hand Tools, Sharpening, Tips/Techniques
How to Sharpen a Woodworking Handsaw
Paul Sellers No Organization Hand Tools, Sharpening
Fitting Drawers with a Handplane
Matt Kenney FineWoodworking Hand Tools, Tips/Techniques
Making an Octagonal Post
Tom McLaughlin Epic Woodworking Tips/Techniques
Cabinet Door Assembly
George Vondriska Woodworkers Guild of America Furniture, Assembly, Tips/Techniques
Simplified Router Fence Setups
George Vondriska Woodworkers Guild of America Joinery, Router
Traditional Woodworking Demonstration
Thomas Day North Carolina Museum of History Hand Tools, Dovetails, Joinery
Have Broad Axe Will Travel
Roy Underhill TED Hand Tools, Tips/Techniques
Plane Basics
Tommy MacDonald Rough Cut Hand Tools
Making a Cherry Half-round Desk Drawer
Tom McLaughlin Epic Woodworking Furniture
LMI Plate Joining Jig
No Name Luthiers Mercantile Int. Luthier, Jigs/Fixtures
Bending Wood to Make Furniture
Kent Perdue No Organization Bending Wood
Jointers – Setting & Using
Charles Neil No Organization Joinery, Stationary Tools
Carpenter Belt
George Vondriska Woodworkers Guild of America Hand Tools
Shaker Bench Plans
No Name Benchcrafted Benches, Promo
Tablesaw L and Aux Fences
Tommy MacDonald Rough Cut Stationary Tools, Jigs/Fixtures
Wood Turning - Beginners Guide—A Lidded Box
Mike Waldt No Organization Turning
Lie-Nielsen vs. Veritas Bench Planes
Matt Estlea No Organization Hand Tools
Rubbing Out a Finish – Part 1
Charles Neil No Organization Finishing
Why I Love My Biscuit Joiner
Paul Mayer Woodworkers Guild of America Joinery
Sharpening the Fishtail and Corner Chisels
Deneb Puchalski Lie-Nielsen Toolworks Hand Tools, Sharpening
Nakashima Table
No Name Atticmag Furniture
Make Your Own Colored Wood Putty
Brian Miller William NG Woodworks Finishing
Hand Cut Dovetails—A Different Approach
Rob Cosman robcosman.com Joinery, Dovetails