Claude Dupuis
Canterbury Turnings
Special Category
New Hampshire

How it all Started

In 2008 my wife Cheryl bought me my first lathe. The goal (hers) was for me to turn a tall bed post, four of them of course. Fast forward to 2020, work on the bed project has started. You know, these things can’t be rushed. Truth is, in the beginning I did not have the right equipment and knowledge to pull off the bed project. Almost there, yet still plenty to learn.

I grew up working in construction with the love of building things made of wood, so it was no surprise that when I started turning in 2008, I was instantly hooked. Transforming a chunk of firewood into a beautiful and useful object is very satisfying.

I construct segmented turnings, vases, spheres, and bowls of all wood types and sizes. It’s always an adventure as you never know what you will get from a piece of wood. I take a lot of pride and joy in my work and I love exploring with different types of woods and turned projects. The possibilities are limitless! I hope to light up your smile with a piece I’ve turned for you.