David Finck
Agricola Mediab

This 4 hour and 40 minute video workshop is the perfect companion to the book "Making and Mastering Wood Planes," recognized as the definitive guide in the field. Author David Finck expertly guides you through the process of making a laminated wood plane, while also teaching fundamentals of fine woodworking that can push your skills to the next level. You will then learn to master these essential planing tasks: Seamless Edge Joining Truing Surfaces Polish Planing a Surface to Glass-like Smoothness Trimming End-grain

BONUS TOPIC: Preparing and Using Cabinet Scrapers -- smooth the wildest grain and repair surface defects quickly and efficiently.

David Finck studied with the late author and woodworker James Krenov.

teaches fine woodworking and has been a professional woodworker since 1986. Visit for more information about David's work and to purchase high-quality blades specifically designed for wooden planes.