David Lamb
New Hampshire Furniture Masters Association
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New Hampshire

David Lamb developed an early connection with Acadia National Park. His father and stepmother lived on the island for a number of years and his childhood exploration of its wilds created the spark of inspiration for his latest masterwork, 'The Four Seasons of Acadia.'

Last winter, the Gallery at Somes Sound approached the N.H. Furniture Masters about commissioning a piece for "Acadia through a Furniture Makers Eyes" as part of the Acadia Centennial Collection.  David Lamb presented his concept for 'The Four Seasons of Acadia' and it was readily accepted.

The Gallery assisted in securing a patron to support the complex making of the piece which took the entire spring to build.  Lamb emphasized his gratitude, "Without the patron's assistance, 'Four Seasons' may have remained just a sketch to be imagined."