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We have a diverse set of member-run groups that focus on many different aspects of woodworking. We have groups for Luthiers, Period Furniture, Beginning Woodworkers, Woodturning, Metal Work, Hand Tools, Carving, Boat Building and more.

If you are serious about woodworking, whether a beginner or veteran, this is the place to be. Each and every year, there are many events and opportunities for our members to improve their skills and learn from each other. The Guild had a total of 65 educational meetings in 2019. All were available to any member just for the asking.

Checkout this short 30th Anniversary promotional video

We are proud of what we offer each other, and prouder still that our success has seen us grow from 15 isolated professionals in 1990 to a vibrant organization with nearly 640 professional and amateur members in 2020. Thank you again for stopping by and if you have an interest in any form of woodworking, you can find a home here.

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group photo
Guild picnic—July 2010